The Skyrim player avoids the trap by being short

The Skyrim player avoids the trap by being short

The Skyrim player avoids the trap by being short

In an unlikely turn of events, a Skyrim player avoids death while scouring dungeons simply for choosing the right Elder Scrolls race for the job.

While hitboxes in Bethesda games have been a point of contention among fans, character height is in Skyrim was the deciding factor between life and death for one of his players. The Altmer (or High Elves) are the largest playable race in The Elder Scrolls franchise, and many speedrunners tend to design Altmer characters to take advantage of their increased movement speed. On the other hand, their eastern cousins ​​from Valenwood are the shortest playable race, as Bosmer are generally favored by people who want to make a stealthy or remote controlled Dragonborn.


As players explore Dwemer ruins, ancient Nord tombs, bandit dens and other dangerous things Skyrim locations they tend to encounter a variety of traps. Unless you’re playing on a high difficulty, these hazards are rarely as deadly as their Dragonborn damage levels. Because of this, many players are looking for Skyrim Mods that make the traps deadlier to make diving and spelunking a more exciting experience.

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While it is not known if Battlemage32 used gameplay mods Skyrim modify the traps specially, the encounter they shared on the official Skyrim subreddit has nevertheless amused some players from the community. Playing as a Bosmer woman allows Battlemage32 to fully avoid the dangers of a fire-trapped chest in Hag’s End, a Nord ruin that contains (among other things) the word wall for the dragon scream Slow Time Skyrim.

One could argue that Bethesda’s developers should have adjusted the trap to accommodate all playable races, but this is exactly the kind of oversight that can add a lot of charm and random complexity to any game, especially an open-world sandbox like Skyrim. although starfield there will seem to be only human protagonists to hope Bethesda draws inspiration from Skyrim‘s numerous combat mods to implement an even more precise hitbox system starfield.

with Skyrim With the possibility of adding a paid marketplace for third-party content, many players are wondering if future Bethesda titles will follow Minecraft‘s footsteps. While this wouldn’t be the first time Bethesda has attempted to monetize user content, the result will most likely be the same. The current modding scene in Skyrim is too entrenched for such a dramatic change, but fans are rightly concerned starfield will include some sort of mod marketplace from the start. While it’s still early to tell what kind of policy Bethesda has in store starfield When it comes to third-party content, it’s never too early to assume that the game will feature plenty of booby traps in unlikely locations, with even more unlikely ways to avoid them.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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