The long-awaited Pokemon finally makes its Pokemon GO debut

The long-awaited Pokemon finally makes its Pokemon GO debut

Pokemon GO players are celebrating the debut of a long-awaited Hoenn region Pokemon, coming after Chespin Community Day.

Kecleon, the color-swapping Pokémon, does it Pokemon GO Debut after Chespin Community Day. Pokemon GO Players have gone years without being able to claim their Platinum Hoenn Region badges in-game due to Niantic holding Kecleon all the time. Due to its unique ability and a history of getting surprise Pokemon debuts wrong, Niantic has taken its time to get this one right.

Niantic likes to have special Pokemon surprises after a few Community Days. Started with Meltan in 2018, then scattered throughout the years since. Community Days can be a mixed bag of Pokemon that players are keen to find, either due to their availability prior to or a repeat of a past Community Day offer and potentially questionable shiny spawn rates. The Chespin Community Day surprise could go down in history as the biggest Community Day after-party ever Pokemon GO as Kecleon and his Protean unique ability finally make his debut in the game.


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Trainers in Australia and New Zealand are reporting that Kecleon, the color-swapping Pokémon, is making an appearance at PokeStops after Chespin Community Day. Another surprise post-Community Day Pokémon like Gimmighoul will have a different interaction than any other Pokémon and will be relatively rare to find. Kecleon’s silhouette does not appear on the game’s Pokémon tracker. Trainers need to tap PokeStop Photo Discs and look closely for Kecleon’s animated outline moving around the screen. Trainers can remotely check PokeStops for Kecleon’s outline, but must walk to that stop to catch it.

Kecleon Pokemon Go Chespin CD

Pokemon GO Players cannot rotate the PokeStop until Kecleon is captured. Trainers are also advised to be somewhere with a lot of PokeStops as spawn rates for Kecleon can be around 1 in 10 or 20 PokeStops. Kecleon will start spawning when Community Day ends, and there are reports that there is a fairly forgiving spawn timer for this Pokemon encounter. At this point, it’s unclear how long Kecleon will be available after this Community Day.

Pokemon GO Players have been asking about Kecleon for years. Hoenn Pokémon were added to the game in 2017, but players quickly noticed that the fan-favorite cloaked Pokémon was missing. Niantic finally acknowledged that it was working on a special release for Kecleon in 2021, but it has taken more than a year to fulfill that promise. Kecleon’s presence in the game might not make much sense outside of gathering, but the saga of his absence is finally resolved.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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