Splatoon fan makes Inkling cookies to celebrate Splatfest

Splatoon fan makes Inkling cookies to celebrate Splatfest

To celebrate the current food-themed Splatfest, a Splatoon 3 player makes a sweet treat to represent their Splatfest team.

In celebration of the current Splatfest, a turn 3 The player crafts cookies in the shape of the legendary Inklings of the series. Splatfests are turn 3‘s biggest in-game events and engage the game’s entire player base in friendly competitions.

At every Splatfest in turn 3, players choose from one of three teams, each represented by a member of the in-game band Deep Cut, for whom they play in the game’s signature Turf War Battles. Each Splatfest is themed around a specific theme, with the current theme being food, and players can choose between Team Spicy, represented by Shiver, Team Sweet, led by Frye, or Team Sour, led by Big Man. Once a Splatfest hits halftime after 24 hours, the game’s unique TriColor Turf Wars begins, which now pits all three teams against one another on a stage, a big change from typical battles. TriColor Turf Wars will continue until Splatfest ends after a total of 48 hours.


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The current turn 3 Splatfest began on January 6th at 7:00pm EST and reached halftime the following day, ushering in the launch of TriColor Turf Wars. In anticipation of these battles a turn 3 Fan-made cookies that come in squid form to look like the game’s Inkling characters, some with unique sprinkles on their tentacles. These cookies were made in a light purple color, the same color used by Team Sweet in Splatfest Turf War battles.

Other turn 3 Fans jokingly suggested adding jalapenos or lemons to the cookies in comments on the Reddit post to make them more appealing to Team Spicy and Team Sour members. Cookies are an apt food choice for a member of Team Sweet, even if cookies aren’t present in the game turn 3 Food and drink tickets that allow the player to consume food in exchange for multiplayer boosts for skills, money, or XP.

Seasonal events have become a necessity for modern multiplayer games, often to ensure that a game’s player base remains interested in the game. Those were splatfests splatoon games has been the answer to this need since the first title in the series in 2015. Splatoon 3 Big Run upped the ante by adding an event centered around the inaugural Salmon Run mode turn 2which provides a nice change of pace from the events of the game. turn 2 had over two dozen Splatfests and with over the course of three years turn 3 With only three Splatfests since launch, fans are sure to have more to enjoy as the game continues to evolve.

turn 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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