Splatoon 3 bug turns Octolings into Inklings at Splatfest Victory Parade

Splatoon 3 bug turns Octolings into Inklings at Splatfest Victory Parade

Splatoon 3 bug turns Octolings into Inklings at Splatfest Victory Parade

Splatoon 3’s latest Splatfest features a way to celebrate 100x and 333x wins, but Octoling players are surprised to see a change.

A strange error has appeared turn 3 resulting in victorious Octolings becoming Inklings during the 100x and 333x Splatfest parade celebrations. The new feature was highly anticipated by many, but it seems that it’s not working as intended.

Even before the Spicy versus Sweet versus Sour Splatfest, players could potentially find themselves in 100x or 333x battles that give the winners a much bigger boost than finishing a normal match, as the name suggests. However inside turn 2, winners of 100x matches would find a picture of themselves and their teammates on the court celebrating their win for their team. This function was missing in turn 3and the team recently announced that it would fix this by creating something new: players can get into their team’s car and take photos with the team’s leading idol.


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The new feature works mostly normally, except for one oddity: Octoling players will discover that their avatars have been transformed into Inklings during the float sequence. It’s not a 100% conversion, as the converted Octolings still use their normal hairstyles, which are typically inaccessible to Inklings. However, it’s easy to see that their faces have changed, with the telltale line between the eye masks indicating that they are no longer normal Octolings, who lack that line among other subtle differences.

Several turn 3 Players have been reporting this issue on social media and it’s a mystery to the community how this could have been overlooked, especially given that the game has longer than normal pauses between Splatfest events. Previously there was a bug where players could force their Octoling or Inkling to have hair of the opposite kind, but only in shops and after following a certain sequence of steps. How this happened during the event is unknown, except that it likely amounts to a developer error.

During turn 3 While it’s been widely acclaimed since its release and has sold extremely well for Nintendo, that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Players were disappointed that the previous games’ connection issues persist and, according to some, are even getting worse. Splatfests weren’t immune either, as the first Splatfest after the game’s release had a bug that allowed players to earn Conch Shells without first joining a team. Players who joined after earning at least one shell would not have their shells count towards their team’s score, which understandably upset many people. This issue has since been resolved, but as the current Splatfest is ongoing it is unlikely that this new issue will be resolved before the next Splatfest.

turn 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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