PointCrow enters the ring with his biggest inspiration, DisguisedToast

PointCrow enters the ring with his biggest inspiration, DisguisedToast

PointCrow enters the ring with his biggest inspiration, DisguisedToast

After the brutal battle between content creators PointCrow and DisguisedToast during Ludwig’s chessboxing event, Eric shares what it was like to face one of his biggest inspirations in a battle of brains and brawn.

Influencer boxing has become quite a spectacle over the past year. After social media titans KSI, Logan Paul and Jake Paul pioneered the sport a few years ago, influencers big and small are now putting on their gloves to put on a show for fans.

There’s something gratifying about seeing two vaguely familiar public figures brawling in front of thousands of spectators. Even more so when both boxers are responsible for creating content that you have been consuming for years.

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While it’s fun to watch amateurs smash their way through rounds of boxing, Ludwig has found a way to put a twist on the sport. On December 11, 2022, the first influencer chessboxing event took place with gamers PointCrow and DisguisedToast headlining the map. Two content creators known for their entertaining on-screen gameplay would face each other in a competition of physical and mental prowess.

However, in a pre-fight promotional video, PointCrow would express how DisguisedToast inspired him to start streaming. In an interview with Dexerto, PointCrow describes what it was like to train for a sport he had never played, what happened after the fight and what it was like to step into the ring for the first time.

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camouflaged toast eric pointcrowUriel Espinoza

Training for chess boxing and stepping into the ring

In addition to competing in Ludwig’s Mogul Chessboxing event, PointCrow also fought in the Main Event match with all the other fights leading up to his fight with DisguisedToast. If there was pressure on any fighter to perform well it was Crow and Eric.

Training for a main event is demanding enough, but this would also be both fighters’ boxing debuts. Therefore, PointCrow devised a strategy that he would implement over a six-month period.

“I generally knew that DisguisedToast didn’t practice too much chess and went all-in at boxing practice. I knew we were about the same chess level/ELO by following his chess.com account and all the matches he played there before the event. So, for the chess part – I had an idea of ​​what his opening was like and practiced a bit against it.

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“On the boxing side, I know that once Toast puts his mind to something and makes friends with it, it’s unstoppable. He’s incredibly smart and uses everything he can, so my goal was to swing as aggressively as possible to throw him off his rhythm early. The more uncomfortable I could make Toast in the ring, the better my chance of winning.”

Eric revealed that he didn’t invest any time in chess or chess theory, instead focusing on the physical aspect of the event, a fatal mistake that may have been the reason why he was checkmate to DisguisedToast.

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Uriel Espinoza

He also explained that while he enjoyed the boxing portion of the event more, the boxing practice was much tougher. “Getting up at dawn every morning and doing head and body shots for an hour or two before you even start your day? Brutally. Hey, but at least it really wakes you up!”

Of course, athletes can train as hard as they want, but it will never fully prepare them for what it’s like to actually step in the ring. The nerves, the excitement and the opponents are there for months of sparring.

“I was incredibly nervous right before the fight!” PointCrow admitted, “Would I do well? Will I fall for a gambit? Does the fight live up to the name ‘Main Event’?”

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“So many thoughts swirled through my head, but the moment I walked out, those thoughts vanished. I mean, at this point there’s no point in worrying – I’ve put in the effort for 6 months and made it all visible to millions. More importantly, I was having too much fun to care!

The aftermath of a brutal duel

Rarely for professional boxers does a fight get as brutal as that between PointCrow and DisguisedToast. To say they were putting everything on the line might be considered an understatement as Eric had to win by knockout in the final round of boxing or the match would be won by Toast.

Both combatants landed blow after blow with a burning intent to knock the other unconscious. Blood would flow, but none would fall to the mat in time.

“Toast and I were pretty devastated by the end of our card. He was bleeding, I could hardly concentrate. I wish I could remember more of what happened immediately after the final round, but sadly, Toast and I were diagnosed with mild concussions in the locker room.

“I had a raging headache and the only thing I could do to avoid having my brain ripped out was puking and my mind was fuzzy,” Eric said. DisguisedToast later revealed he had trouble sleeping after the fight while PointCrow faced the opposite.

“I think I’m having a harder time staying awake! Maybe I stole his sleep. But seriously, my concussion symptoms have definitely faded, I hope Toast can continue to heal and rest.

Comparing influencer boxing to “real” boxing

Despite these events drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers, a stigma still follows the term “influencer boxing.” This mindset that despite six months of training for a single bout, these events are not at the level of professional boxing. PointCrow believes this is a disservice to this subgenre of boxing.

“I think influencers getting into the sport of boxing is a fantastic way to inject new blood into the sport and it puts on a fantastic show. The content emerging from these high-profile events is unprecedented,” he said. “Regarding these ‘relaxed events,’ I think Chess Boxing and Creator Clash are anything but relaxed, and to call them that does a disservice to the sheer quality of production and entertainment these events produce. My trainer was shocked by the venue and the crowd itself, saying it was similar to the professional fights he used to be in.

pointcrow vs camouflaged toastUriel Espinoza

He cautioned influencer boxing viewers who might think the bouts aren’t as competitive as a professional match. “Like it or not, it’s a serious sport with serious injuries – so the average person shouldn’t jump into it without research.”

PointCrow’s future in boxing

Like clockwork, at the end of a fight, viewers are excited to see if their favorite influencer will get back in the ring and with whom – but for PointCrow, his future in esports is uncertain.

“I’m not sure I’ll try again! It was incredibly fun to be a part of and I fell in love with the sport itself. However, in the short term I will not be doing any contact sports, just sticking with boxing to stay in shape and healthy.”

However, he stated that he would like to see how he would fare in a normal boxing match. “It would take a lot more perseverance – but the invention of chessboxing has my heart. There’s an incredible nuance of brain and “muscle” that goes on. The mental struggle of chessboxing is definitely underestimated.”

In terms of who he would face, he already had the perfect opponent. “I think I was lucky my first card was with DisguisedToast. In my opinion, the fight we had was some of the best content in influencer boxing to date. We were super balanced. I would say with the fun I had, our respect for each other and how everything was going, him was my ideal opponent!”

Will PointCrow get back in the ring? Will he get another chance to claim victory over DisguisedToast? Or will his idea of ​​hybrid knitting-boxing become reality and create a new sports craze?

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