Overwatch 2 Clip shows Reinhardt Go on Charge Kill Spree in Battle for Olympus

Overwatch 2 Clip shows Reinhardt Go on Charge Kill Spree in Battle for Olympus

While playing the Battle for Olympus game mode in Overwatch 2, a Reinhardt player causes havoc and suffers multiple charge kills in the process.

one surveillance 2 The player revealed the power of Reinhardt when he scored multiple charge eliminations during a single fight in Battle for Olympus. While players used Reinhardt’s abilities in the over watch Streak of considerable impact for years, the buffs given to him in this new limited-time game mode make him a fearsome force if allowed to run amok.

Battle for Olympus surveillance 2‘s latest LTM that shakes up the regular gameplay players have come to expect from the hero shooter. The game mode is free and offers seven surveillance 2 Heroes with skins based on Greek mythology. In addition to the Greek Mythology skins, each character will have their kits upgraded, making them more powerful. For example, Reinhardt gains a new divine ultimate called Divine Earthshatter, a powerup that lasts 20 seconds and grants him a variety of new effects, such as: B. the possibility, among other things, to fix 3 targets at the same time.


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In a post on Reddit, a user named Artbringer shared a clip from his time playing the new Battle for Olympus game mode surveillance 2. Specifically, the video featured a play of the game where the user managed to get multiple consecutive eliminations as Reinhardt by using his Charge up ability while the Divine Earthshatter was active.

The highlight that took place on the Colosseo map in surveillance 2, started with Artbringer simultaneously pinning both a Junker Queen and Lucio while using Divine Earthshatter. After double killing the two unfortunate opponents, the Reddit user turned his attention to a nearby Ramattra and stormed them into a wall as well. The climax reached a crescendo as Artbringing managed to get another kill after charging an enemy Reinhardt into a wall.

Posting the clip on Reddit, Artbringer, whose in-game name was appropriately TotalHavok95, humorously wrote, “Blank mind, no thoughts, just loading in.” Since sharing the clip on the platform, there have been a number of surveillance 2 Players have noticed and commented on the chaotic gameplay. Among the comments, one player noted that while it’s not always easy playing as Reinhardt in Battle for Olympus, being able to go on an assault ride in the LTM is a “great feeling”. Additionally, one user pointed out that Artbringer even had the highlight intro where Reinhardt rushed towards the camera, which made the video even more apt.

It will be interesting to see what other highlights players catch while playing Battle for Olympus surveillance 2 in the coming days. However, it should be noted that the event runs until January 19th, meaning players will need to check out the game mode soon if they want to experience Reinhardt’s Divine Earthshatter.

surveillance 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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