Minecraft fan builds a beautiful “ecological futuristic” city

Minecraft fan builds a beautiful “ecological futuristic” city

Minecraft fan builds a beautiful “ecological futuristic” city

A player is in the process of creating a pretty gorgeous looking city in Minecraft, taking inspiration from the fabled lost city of Atlantis.

Despite its blocky aesthetic, many Minecraft Fans are dying to show how great the game can be, and one player is continuing that trend with the next phase of their gorgeous city-building. As one of the highest-grossing video games of all time, with hundreds of millions sold, Mojang’s sandbox IP is a force to be reckoned with in the AAA space, and it’s largely the community that helps keep it alive and well Well.

Of course, the developer also has his part to play. With version 1.20 of Minecraft On the way, which is reportedly set to release sometime in January, Mojang is still brimming with ideas and implementing new features and improvements. After well over a decade, it’s hard to imagine a game not only still in the spotlight, but still having a thriving community of fans engrossed in its world. but Minecraft is such a game, and sometimes what people create in the game world is downright amazing.


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In a recent post on Reddit, user RealDraGonnet shared a picture of him Minecraft Playthrough that features what they refer to as an “ecological futuristic” city, which they call Ender. It’s the continuation of a project they’ve been working on for some time, which aims to construct every building in this metropolis using only curves. The finished design will be a finished city, set on an island surrounded by the ocean, paying homage to the lost city of Atlantis. The picture shows how nice it looks in this second phase, with RealDraGonnet saying they have built 15 buildings so far. This is part of an ongoing project and the builder provides a link to images from earlier parts of the build.

Minecraft Builders create some stunning things, from highly detailed and beautiful looking cities to complex redstone machines to recreations of real-world landmarks and buildings. With near-infinite replay value and powerful construction mechanics, the game offers so much creativity that it’s no wonder it’s still topping the gaming charts after all these years.

There is so much to do for this Minecraft is the ultimate boredom killer. Back in 2009, when the alpha was released, no one could have predicted just how strong the game was going to be. It’s seen so many changes over time, but it still maintains what makes the game so special. It’s no wonder Minecraft is leaving the competition behind, and it will likely be quite a while before the world is ready to move on.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Source: Planet Minecraft

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