Mike Rogers apologizes for longing to Matt Gaetz on the house floor

Mike Rogers apologizes for longing to Matt Gaetz on the house floor

  • Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers has reported a mea culpa to colleague Matt Gaetz.
  • Rogers was seen lunging at Gaetz on the floor of the house during a tense moment on Friday night.
  • Rogers said in a Sunday tweet he regrets losing his temper “briefly” and appreciates Gaetz’s “understanding.”

Rep. Mike Rogers has apologized to Florida Congressman Rep. Matt Gaetz for attacking him on the House floor.

“@RepMattGaetz and I have a long and productive working relationship that I’m sure will continue,” Rogers said tweeted on January 8th. “I regret that I briefly lost my temper on the house floor on Friday night and appreciate Matt’s kind understanding.”

Rogers responded to a tweet from the Florida congressman about the incident. In a Jan. 8 tweet, Gaetz said he and Rogers have “a productive six-year working relationship.”

“We will work wonderfully together in the future. I don’t think there should be any punishment or retribution just for having an animated moment. He has my forgiveness”, Gaetz wrote in his January 8 tweet.

Rogers was seen lunging at Gaetz on the floor of the house on Friday night. This comes after MP Kevin McCarthy was not elected speaker for the 14th straight year.

Here’s how things went on Friday, according to a C-SPAN video of the proceedings: McCarthy strode down the aisle of the House after Gaetz voted “present” during the 14th ballot, leaving the California congressman just before the last vote that he needed to be elected speaker. McCarthy was then seen in a tense conversation with Gaetz among a gathering of Republicans on the House floor.

But after McCarthy walked away, Rogers was seen angrily confronting Gaetz. Rogers then lunged forward in anger, but was held back by North Carolina State Assemblyman Richard Hudson.

It’s unclear what Rogers said to Gaetz during the near-fight.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that Rogers is expected to become chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, of which Gaetz is a member. The Post, citing two people familiar with the matter, reported that Rogers was upset at how the GOP leadership planned to offer Gaetz control of one of the armed forces’ subcommittees. An unnamed lawmaker who spoke to The Post said Rogers thinks there are other congressmen who are better qualified to fill the position.

Gaetz and Rogers representatives did not immediately respond to insiders’ requests for comment.

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