KSI is not happy about Prime Drink Scalpers

KSI is not happy about Prime Drink Scalpers

YouTuber, rapper and boxer KSI is extremely unhappy that people are scalping his Prime hydration drink for big wins online.

YouTuber ASI lashes out at prime drink scalpers for reselling his signature liquor for bucketfuls of cash without permission. KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration Energy Drinks have been a hit with fans across the United States for some time as more and more people are starting to love the drink and want to get their hands on it at all costs.

Rising in popularity in recent years, YouTube star KSI has famously said he’d love to fight Andrew Tate, scored some global marketing and content hits, created the Prime Energy Drink with Logan Paul, and more. And as with any rapid rise to fame, there will always be others in the world trying to undermine that success and use it to their own advantage in some way.


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KSI recently posted a TikTok video of him reacting to prime drink scalpers, and he’s obviously quite upset that people are still getting away with it. KSI launched energy drink brand Prime with WWE wrestler Logan Paul, who is also furious at the drink’s scalping. Shops in the UK that don’t yet officially have Prime are charging up to £100 for just a can of the drink, which is outrageous. The video shows fans buying a £1200 pack of 12 and KSI loses it, expressing extreme anger at the situation.

YouTube and internet personalities like KSI and Logan Paul are under constant scrutiny, scrutinized and criticized at every turn because everything they do is so public and open. When KSI and Jake Paul were discussing boxing together, the entire conversation was on Twitter and the whole world was caught up in the deal that came about. So when something happens in their life, it doesn’t just happen to them, it happens to them in front of the whole world.

Creating YouTube videos and live streaming has become a full-time career that pays quite well for those who manage to get enough followers and subscribers. The world of YouTube and streaming has grown so big that it now even has an awards ceremony – the Streamer Awards. Hopefully KSI and Logan Paul can get a handle on their Prime Energy Drink, which is being scalped in the UK for ridiculous prices so they can only be sold at official retailers from now on.

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