Jake Paul has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a .5 million fight deal

Jake Paul has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a $2.5 million fight deal

Jake Paul has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a .5 million fight deal

A report reveals that controversial YouTuber and professional boxer Jake Paul has offered Tommy Fury $2.5 million for the fight.

A report indicates that this is controversial youtube Character and prizefighter Jake Paul offered Tommy Fury a $2.5 million contract to box. The possibility of a Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight has been around for over a year. Fury, who were first set to meet in December 2021, pulled out of a match with the YouTube celebrity due to an infection and a broken rib. A second scheduled game in August 2022 was also cancelled, this time due to Fury’s Visa status. Paul, it seems, still really wants the match to happen.


The feud between Paul and Fury exploded ahead of an August 2021 event. Fury was scheduled to box Anthony Taylor while Paul prepared to fight Tyron Woodley. The two had an argument on social media, which ended in obscene insults at the two fighters’ loved ones. Fury reignited the feud in November 2022 after Paul’s loss to Anderson Silva, but Paul says he won’t “risk” doing the event himself. Instead, he wants Fury to host an event in England for their match. And he’s willing to put money into the endeavor.

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Last week, Tommy Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren, said he didn’t think a deal was “far off” as both sides remain eager to make it happen. Follow-up reports from Wade Plem claim a source has confirmed Fury has been offered a $2.5 million contract to fight Jake Paul. This contract is said to be $500,000 more than what Paul Fury previously offered.

Paul has since commented on the report, saying that while he can’t confirm or deny it, he can say that Tommy Fury “will never see the kind of money he’s being offered to get in the ring with me.” Paul added that Fury was “still on the run”, echoing comments from a video he posted earlier in the day.

It’s unclear how much of what happens in public is a “work” produced as some form of publicity to attract attention, and how much corresponds to the business at hand. It is clear that a deal did not come about. Jake Paul thinks the fight is worth it, while Fury has made it clear he’s not as invested in the actual fight as he is in the attention the possibility of a fight brings to his mark.

As much as Jake Paul and fans around the world want to fight Fury, Paul won’t be waiting much longer. The YouTuber recently signed a deal with PFL MMA, offering Nate Diaz a two-fight deal, a boxing match and an MMA fight. Paul is also eyeing another boxing match with ex-UFC fighter Mike Perry, which could happen as early as February. Fury or no Fury, 2023 will be packed with exciting Jake Paul fighting action.

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Source: BoxingScene, MMA Fighting

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