Delta gives passengers SkyMiles if their bags are more than 20 minutes late – what you need to know

Delta gives passengers SkyMiles if their bags are more than 20 minutes late – what you need to know

Delta gives passengers SkyMiles if their bags are more than 20 minutes late – what you need to know

Waiting for your luggage at baggage claim can be very frustrating, especially when it takes a long time. But when you fly Delta Airlines, there’s a way to convert that wait time into additional SkyMiles.

bags on time

Through Delta’s Bags On Time program, you can earn 2,500 SkyMiles if your bags take more than 20 minutes to reach baggage claim.

“We are committed to providing you with reliable and timely baggage service every flight,” Delta explains on its website. “That’s why we back your bags with a guarantee.”

It’s important to note that Delta starts its baggage clock from the moment the main door opens to the time your baggage is delivered to the baggage carousel. The guarantee only applies to normal baggage, not to oversized, overweight or special baggage. The guarantee only applies to domestic flights.

Filing a Claim

If you think your baggage took longer than 20 minutes to arrive at baggage claim, go to Delta’s 20 Minute Baggage Claim form to get started. You will need your confirmation number, SkyMiles number and basic flight information. If you submit the form, the SkyMiles will appear in your account within 72 hours if you are eligible.

Seems easy enough, but one passenger travel waiting spoke to says the process can be lengthy. “I filled out the form and when I clicked submit it said I wasn’t eligible because records showed my luggage arrived on time,” said Delta customer Holly Brobst. “Which was inaccurate because we waited more than 50 minutes for our bags. The machine didn’t even move.”

Brobst then opened a chat message with a Delta customer service representative who again claimed the bags were on time. After much back and forth, Delta agreed to give her the miles and she received them in her account the next day.

“While it might be something they’re promoting, actually getting them to deliver on the promise might take more work than it’s worth,” Brobst summarized.

The fine print

As with any program, there are some exceptions to Delta’s 20 Minute Baggage Guarantee:

  • International routes are not included
  • Your last flight leg must be with Delta or Delta Connection
  • You must submit your claim within 3 days of the baggage delay
  • Only one set of 2,500 miles will be awarded per trip, regardless of how many checked bags you have
  • Bonus miles do not count towards elite status
  • Your claim may be denied in the event of inclement weather or equipment malfunction
  • As mentioned above, bulky and special baggage are not included in the 20 minute guarantee
  • And of course, you must be an active SkyMiles member in good standing to receive points

There are other ways to earn extra Delta SkyMiles points, too, especially if you like coffee. Check out how to link your Delta and Starbucks accounts to earn while drinking.

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