Apex Legends player discovers insane movement exploit at the edge of the world

Apex Legends player discovers insane movement exploit at the edge of the world

Apex Legends players have a new movement exploit to try on the World’s Edge map that may give them the upper hand in skirmishes.

On Apex Legends The player has found a new movement exploit in the Battle Royale that could give players an advantage in certain situations on the World’s Edge map. During Apex Legends This latest movement technology has been around for almost four years and proves that players continue to find new ways to gain an advantage in battles.

Apex Legends he is no stranger to advanced movement mechanics and exploits. Over the years, players have evolved the way the battle royale is played, using things like tap strafing and wall jumping to gain an advantage in a fight. Now a player has found another movement exploit worth checking out.


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News of this movement’s latest exploit comes from a YouTuber named theevilnside. In a video uploaded to her channel, the Apex Legends The content creator announced that he had discovered that players could leap incredibly high in the air near certain locations on World’s Edge. As an example, theevilnside showed how to perform the move on the top floor of the building in Fragment East, often referred to as the “Streamer Building”. According to the content creator, players must be near the building’s elevator shaft to successfully complete the move.

Based on the YouTube video, the steps to achieve this motion exploit are relatively simple. First, players must run to the elevator shaft. You then have to jump and move back at the same time. When executed correctly, players can gain significant height. Additionally, they found that this movement exploit could be used in the zipline buildings in Skyhook and Lava City, and even in certain areas of Kings Canyon.

In addition to explaining the steps required to complete the move, the content creator even demonstrated what it looked like in a fight. At the top of the “streamer building”, the evil side jumped high in the air using this technique. They were then able to bring down a confused Revenant.

It should be noted that the content creator said that this movement exploit is more difficult to achieve with Horizon due to her passive called Spacewalk. The YouTuber revealed that they performed this super jump “usually 100% consistently” except with this character. According to the content creator, jumps using this technique were often lower if they managed to perform them with Horizon. In addition, theevilnisde found that this jump cannot be achieved on the ground floor of the building due to the need for magnetism near the elevator shaft.

With this latest movement trick for players to try, it will be interesting to see what creative plays experienced players can achieve with it. And time will tell what crazy movement techniques gamers will discover Apex Legends next.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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